Research Security

The University of Pittsburgh, like most institutions of higher learning, welcomes Academic Visitors to collaborate on research and other scholarly activities. In most cases, Visitors acclimate well to our campus and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. Visitors also add diversity of opinion and perspective to the University's rich environment. The University welcomes these important contributions, but it has an obligation to manage its resources prudently while being mindful of federal expectations surrounding the protection of research results. Consequently, many academic institutions, the University of Pittsburgh included, are developing security protocols that protect the results of research conducted at their institutions from inappropriate use or transfer.

The pages below describe security-related tools and processes that the University of Pittsburgh either requires or recommends that University administrators and hosts apply to the Visitor vetting and hosting process. The first three sections cover procedures that are integrated into the MyEC review system and are completed prior to a Visitor's arrival. They are performed by the Office of Trade Compliance as part of the Visitor Liaison's MyEC record review. The final two sections cover procedures that should be implemented while a Visitor resides at the University of Pittsburgh. The host department and host faculty member are responsible for ensuring that these procedures are completed.

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Restricted Party Screenings and Restricted Party Lists

Restricted party screenings check public lists of individuals and entities that are restricted or prohibited from participating in certain types of transactions with U.S. persons and entities.

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Export Controls Review

Export controls involve the shipment, transfer, or disclosure of controlled items, technical data, and software to foreign countries or to foreign persons and entities within the U.S.

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Embargoed Country Screening

Embargoed country screenings check whether a prospective Visitor is a citizen of an embargoed country or whether the sponsoring institution is located in an embargoed country.

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Visitor Oversight Management

The University host and Visitor should work together to ensure that a Visitor's conduct reflects academic and funders' expectations regarding research-related activities.

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Cybersecurity and Data Management

A comprehensive set of computer and network services protects the University's computing infrastructure, impacting the University's research enterprise and the Academic Visitor process.