Appointment Forms and the PittWorx System

The information provided below describes how to prepare appointment forms so that an Academic Visitor's information can be entered into PittWorx. This process only is required for Category 2 and 3 Visitors, not Category 1 Visitors. The Required Administrative Actions page under Step 4: Visitor Onboarding Procedures provides additional background on the appointment-form process.

Appointment Form Data-Entry Instructions

Please note that School of Medicine (SOM) and non-SOM schools differ in their requirements for completing appointment forms. Upon completion, an appointment form should be routed to your dean's office, which then will send the form to the Visitor Liaison for entry into PittWorx.

As outlined in the instructions below, an Academic Visitor's job designation (in line 6 under Assignment Details) must be Non-Employee.Visitor.Visitor for a non-student Visitor or Non-Employee.Visitor.Graduate Student for a graduate-student Visitor. Other job designations cannot be used for Academic Visitors.

All documents below are PDF files.

School of Medicine Appointment Forms:

Non-School of Medicine Appointment Forms: