The University of Pittsburgh is proud to be an intellectual destination for visiting scientists, scholars, researchers, and employees from industry, government, nonprofit organizations, and other academic institutions. The University welcomes domestic and international Academic Visitors who wish to participate in research, educational, and other scholarly activities.

The guidelines on this site assist University hosts and administrators, as well as potential Visitors, by providing information that covers the process for hosting Visitors on campus. The Visitor Process Overview and Step 1: Determine Visitor Category pages under Hosting Visitors present additional detail on how Academic Visitors are defined and categorized.

What Is An Academic Visitor?

Academic Visitors are individuals supported by other academic institutions, companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations who receive an official invitation from a University of Pittsburgh host school or department that allows them to be a non-employee guest on a University campus. In some cases, an Academic Visitor will be unaffiliated with another institution or company and will be self-supported. Visitors reside at the University for a specified amount of time and for a specific academic or research purpose. While at the University, Visitors maintain an association with a host faculty member and department that serves as the intellectual home for the Visitor.